Step Out News

July 30, 2020

Statement regarding COVID-19

We are very excited to begin the process for our pilot program at CRCF as soon as COVID-19 precautionary measures are loosened. We had been slated to begin our program in Spring of 2020 and we are, like a lot of the world right now, waiting for a safer time to resume our program.

In September, we have plans to start the conversation with the Department of Corrections on how and when we can start providing the LIFE training at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

We have increased and deepened our work in partnership with other agencies, academia, challenging funds for social impact investing and Pay for Success.

March 8, 2020

LIFE Program

LIFE was developed by Mercy Corp, in Oregon, a non-profit microfinance organization in over 40 countries with over 6,000 employees and volunteers. LIFE was designed to improve incarcerated women’s employment success as well as mental and physical health and to reduce recidivism. First implemented in Oregon’s correctional system LIFE’s curriculum was developed by a national expert in trauma-informed and gender sensitive programming for incarcerated women.

LIFE classes are based on a framework that builds on emotional regulation and peer learning to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leverages the potential of self-employment. LIFE covers business development, reentry planning, and character building. Marketing strategy, financial management, legal knowledge, public speaking, and time management are taught alongside personal development topics such as problem solving, goal setting, personal finances, and healthy living. The course includes conversations on credit repair and meetings with a credit counselor...

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